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Paw-Claws letterpress registration gauge pins are designed for ease of use and quick, accurate registration.


The elegant design makes inserting them into tympan paper simple and fast, providing accurate alignment for your paper substrate. 

To use Paw-Claws simply use a razor to cut a 1” diagonal slice in your

tympan starting about 1/8” down from the edge of your paper. Insert the lower "spoon" into the slice in the tympan and align the lead edge of the Paw-Claw with the intended edge of the paper to be printed. The spring action and pointed teeth hold the Paw-Claws in place on the tympan. Tapping them in place will help to maintain positioning throughout a press run. Also, taping them in place is suggested.

Packaged as two sets of 3, one set has a 1/8" tongue, and one set has a 3/16" tongue.


Paw-Claws will not interfere with wood furniture, reglets, metal leading, or spacing material. 

When using a Boxcar base Paw-Claws Gauge Pins should be positioned beyond the edge of the base. They will not clear a Boxcar base.


Buy your  Paw-Claws here:

Paw-Claws are packaged as two sets of three. 
One set $20.00 shipping $5.00.

Two packages (12 Paw-Claws)
$35.00 shipping $5.00.

Vacation Time: Orders placed after 6/8/24 will not ship until 6/25/24

If you would like to use Zelle or Venmo fill in your information on the contact page.

A short video showing how to register your work

using Paw-Claws can be seen here:

For those wondering about the position of the side guide pin,

as a Southpaw I've always put it on the right side for easier feeding,

And yes, I rotate the flywheel backward, I'm a lefty after all. I know, I know!

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