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This is a Flickr link to an album of work that we have produced at the Southpaw Printers . We started printing in 1980, and as you can see we were much younger then.
Click on the image to see Westchester Chappel calendar pages produced since 1983.

Recent Work

women's Voices v3 poster
Dynamic Duos v8  Ariel Rounded
Cassat Nov 2022 v4
History in Your hand v4
Beethoven v4c
Wildlife in westchester v4 poster
Robert Marchant flyer v5
Yong Washington dollar bill 4 green  new
V Everit Macy v12 widebody
Bob Mankooff Flyer V7b
Chain v7 Poster
Speyer & Waldheim v4a flyer
Crossing the Croton BMSHS Part III v2 letter size
Suffrafgist v5 poster size
Haverstraw Bay ltr flyer v2
 Sparta connection v5a
Crossing the Croton BMSHS new bridge gray bkg copy
Ossining Histroic Cemeteries Conservency
Rt9 v12
RAGO ARTs Flyer v9
food Pantry Poster v11 clean
Sally poster time Machine v4
3 beuties revisted flyer final v2
A Soliders View v11
Anthony Wood Flyer v10 2 2-30
Jean Zimmerman F2
Reading to Rovers v06
Poster Designs
This gallery of posters has been designed and printed for various local non-profit events.
Clicking on the picture will open a slide viewer.
Here's a look at some of the presses that find their home at the Southpaw Printers.
Motorizing the C & P

In an effort to motorize the treadle driven C & P press I have worked on a few alternatives. I found a 3/4 HP instant-on sewing machine servo motor to add motive power. I built a see-saw-like apparatus that allows me to step on one end and bring the motor up into contact with the flywheel. This adds a boost whenever I need it without the need for a belt and having the motor permanently on.


Along with three friends we moved 4 presses and about 200 cases of hand type in under 3 hours. See how it was done.

As anyone that has participated in my Paper classes knows I would always start the presentation with this video, Still Life, produced by Neenah Paper in the late 1990's. The video speaks for itself, no need for me to editorialize.
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